Our Constitutional Right of Due Process


Our Constitutional Right Of Due Process

And The Fight To Preserve It

The Constitution of the United State provides that whenever the federal government or the state government tries to take a person’s life, liberty or property, that person is entitled to due process of law.  In general terms, due process requires that the governmental action must be conducted fairly.  One of the fundamental elements of due process is the right to have the person’s case heard by a judge who has no significant personal interest at stake in the outcome of the case.   No person can be the judge of
that person’s own case.

The right to due process has existed under English law, upon which our legal system is based, for centuries and it has been preserved for us by our ancestors.  Since due process restricts the power of government, the government has an incentive to restrict it.  That is just human nature and we must always be vigilant in protecting our rights…

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