June 23, 2021 – Estate Planning Seminar Lake County Senior Center

Congregate Lunches are Back

Lake County Senior Citizen’s Association, 11 N G Street, Lakeview

Free Estate Planning Seminar

June 23rd 2021 at 12:45 p.m. (after lunch)


YOU should attend if:

∙ You want to learn how the current laws affect your estate plan.

∙ You wish to avoid ESTATE TAXES.

∙ You want to make decisions regarding your HEALTH CARE.

∙ You want to protect the family inheritance you leave behind FOR YOUR FAMILY’S use only.

∙ You wish to learn more about PROBATE and how to avoid it.

∙ You have a Will that is more than 3 YEARS OLD or it was created IN ANOTHER STATE.


Wendy Miki Glaus and Katie Clason will be presenting a free seminar. Please come and meet them and listen to the seminar.