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Family Mediation

Mediation provides people the opportunity to reach an agreement of their family law issues with the help of a neutral person trained in problem solving. Issues that can be resolved in mediation include custody of minor children, parenting time scheduling, child support, divorce, allocation of debt and distribution of property, and grandparent rights.

With over five years of experience in family law and having completed training in collaborative family law and mediation, Rachael M. Harbison brings her expertise to the Central Oregon community. Her goal is to help mediate resolution of family law matters by listening to both parties involved, and with her legal background, help reach a full and fair agreement. Rachael is skilled in working with families and has the compassion to help families resolve their disputes without the need to litigate.

Mediation can be a valuable tool to save time, legal fees and the stress of litigating matters within the judicial system. Upon reaching an agreement in mediation, Rachael will draft an agreement for your signature and prepare the legal paperwork needed to effectuate your agreement so that you can get back to focusing on what’s truly important – your family.

Successful mediation may be done in one day, or it may require multiple sessions. It will depend on the complexity of your case. Contact Rachael M. Harbison to discuss scheduling your mediation.

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