Vince Hurley: We keep his name on the door because his values are still our values.

Vince was the founding partner of our firm.  He passed in January 2012.  We keep his name on the door because the values he held are still our values as a firm.   I like to think that the karma of his office, overlooking the river and Mt. Bachelor, may have passed on to me in some small way.    Many of his clients are now mine.  I remember often how high their expectations are, after having worked with him.  He said few words, which is odd in this profession.  Vince did tell me that he was often a little overwhelmed by a client’s confidence in him as a lawyer, but would do his best not to disappoint them.  He laughed to himself a lot.  He always worked in pencil.  He was the most respected, and most humble, lawyer I have known.

Liz Dickson