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Free Seminar – Women’s Financial Wellness – A Series

Women’s Financial Wellness – A Series

Why Focus on Women?

  • Women statistically live longer than men
  • 7 out of 10 women are anticipated to outlive their partners
  • 62% of women say they’re the source of their household assets*
  • Strong possibility women will need to execute or update their estate plan after their partner passes
  • Important to understand what is expected to happen
  • And who is there is help (accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, life insurance agents)

*Power of the Purse. Center for Talent Innovation, 2014.



Presentations by:

Rachael Harbison, Hurley Re PC Attorneys

Ryan Jordan, Merrill Lynch

Rachel Lemas, Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate


Located at Hurley Re, PC

747 SW Mill View Way

Bend, OR 97702


Refreshments will be served



Abbie at [email protected] 541-317-5505 or

Rachel at [email protected]

Michele Huntington-Palmer is the Firm Administrator at Hurley Re, P.C.
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